Valentina Gomez Bravo

Valentina Gomez Bravo is an award-winning creative multi-passionate entrepreneur, thought leader, and change-maker dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and influencers build the businesses and brands of their dreams; while working towards making the world a better place.

She is versatility, passion, and creativity at its best. She has over 17 years of experience in the industry working to build international brands like Pepsi, Red Bull, Doritos, Gatorade, Volkswagen, etc. Valentina is on a mission to bring big-agency brand strategies, development, implementation, and growth to small business owners everywhere, while also creating change in the community.

She is a multicultural creative brand strategist, an educator, a speaker, and a social activist. With 6 degrees under her belt, she has founded and directed international startups and projects in the performing arts business, fashion, education, photography, food, social causes, branding, design, and digital marketing.

Valentina founded Bunker +58 (Bunker58.com), a bilingual and multicultural Branding and Design Studio; TexasenEspanol.com, an online business directory, magazine and event platform created to support, empower and recognize Hispanic businesses in Texas and several other projects that were definitely created to make a difference in the world.

Creativity, Education, Empathy, and the growth, development, and advancement of women and Latinos are her leading platforms. Always striving to become a better version of herself and to make change happen on any scale, Valentina volunteers and works with many organizations locally and internationally to create lasting impact in many communities around the world.

Valentina has been awarded 4 American Advertising Awards for her brand strategy and development work with her agency, Bunker +58 and is also the recipient of the District 10 – 2020 Mosaic Champion Award. This award recognizes individuals within Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, whose commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through their creative work and organization-wide initiatives. Individuals that are being continuously supportive of diversity and inclusion through mentorship, leadership, and support of D&I program initiatives.

She is also part of the board of Directors at the American Advertising Federation – Houston (AAF-Houston) leading the AAF Student Conference & competition, and the AAF-Houston Diversity and Inclusion Night.

Valentina has been a college professor since 2010 forming young minds in Creativity, Design, and advertising in Texas with LoneStar College and back in Venezuela at the Andrés Bello Catholic University. In her efforts to educate the minds of the future in a way that also champions inclusivity and diversity, she runs a Social Media Marketing and Branding Internship specially created for the Latinas Achieve organization inside the Center for Latino Studies at the University of Houston Downtown.

Valentina leads with creativity, passion, empathy, integrity, and determination, always keeping her work and life in tune with the values her family, mentors, friends, and teachers have taught her throughout life.





Instagram: @valentinagomezb / @wearebunker58 / @texasenespanol

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/valentinagomezbravo 

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