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5 Reasons why a business should be on social media - Bunker +58 | Branding and Design Studio

In a highly competitive market such as the one in which most companies are today, it is understandable that each marketing investment has to be carefully evaluated and defined in order to reach the target market in the most efficient way. For this reason, many companies may hesitate to invest resources to obtain an adequate and strong presence in social networks, losing thus a great opportunity because of apathy, ignorance or underestimation.

Social networks are a current phenomenon; but in no way short-lived, which have been growing year by year and are now a fundamental part of billions of people around the world. Just to talk some numbers (May, 2017), Facebook alone has almost 2 billion active accounts globally and; in the United States alone, 70 million users are active on Twitter at least once a month. These are surprising numbers, which grow day after day and demonstrate the great relevance that social networks have in a large number of potential customers. Any company that wants to maintain and increase its market share must have a wide and strong presence in social networks, mainly because:

  • Increases both brand awareness and customer loyalty: It makes contact with both current and potential customers easier and allows them to get to know the ideals of the company and identify with it. This ease of interaction and increased exposure builds trust in the brand and increases both retention and attraction of new customers.
  • Helps manage the reputation of the company: the image of a company is a valuable asset that must be guarded, as it influences potential buyers and can become a significant part of its profits. Correct image management on social networks can enhance positive feedback from customers and damp the harmful effect of negative feedback or smear campaigns. In turn, there is the possibility to change some of the negative feedback into positive in a fast and public way through a fast approach of the problem, turning a potentially harmful situation into a beneficial one.
  • Generates more traffic on the company website and increases the conversion ratio: every post, update, tweet, etc. Is an advertisement that invites users to interact with it in the multitude of ways that each social network allows. This generates more traffic on the company’s website, strengthens its presence in the minds of consumers and gives authority to its brand when making future purchases.
  • Improves search engine rankings: as we discussed earlier, presence in social networks is an integral element of a good Digital Marketing campaign. A strong and constant presence in social networks increases the Relevance of your website and generates valid and legal Linkbuilding; Two fundamental parts of the Off-page SEO.
  • Allows reaching each target market in a different way: thanks to the possibility of separate accounts (having several accounts for the different goals of the company), the amount of personal data that users share in social networks and the multitude of management applications that exist, a company can launch different advertising campaigns for specific target markets, divided by age, area, income, consumer habits and a myriad of different variables.

In order to get the most out of these benefits, leading companies in Digital Marketing; as we are at +58 Digital Communications, offer an effective and comprehensive Media Management Service. An investment focused on achieving and maintaining a correct image and exposure management is without a doubt a profitable investment. Do not miss the opportunity to get better returns for your company using social media!