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Stress Relief | Four Management Tips for Business Owners and Professionals

Being a business owner, or otherwise being in the professional world, can be tremendously fulfilling. And yet, sometimes, the rewards can be outweighed by stress. If you want to achieve the goals you set for yourself and hit the ground running, you need ways to reduce your anxiety.

Don’t Ignore Stress

Ask yourself what is causing you stress. Knowing your stressors is beneficial. It can help you minimize your exposure to things that bring anxiety, and guide your efforts to develop techniques to manage it. Are you stressful during a specific time of day? Or, do you find stress surging around someone in particular? Perhaps a client or a colleague? Is it financial issues that are affecting you? Understanding your stressors can allow you to review what can be done so that you might create a plan of action. Think, as well, about what you can do to prevent stressors from happening in the first place.

Shortcuts, for example, rarely benefit one’s work or business. Invariably, it causes more problems than it helps deal with and can end up leaving a negative impression on your time and money. Before committing to anything, ask yourself what impact it might have on your well-being.

Financial Issues

One of the biggest sources of stress in life is money. Debt is something that many business owners have to deal with. Of course, having a good credit score is advantageous down the road for when you might need extra capital. Getting that debt down, and keeping finances in order, will require organization and a budget. Think about what you can prioritize, and how you can go about repairing your credit. What can you eliminate from your expenses? How can you make the most of your income? Use this to build a plan that you can then implement. Anything you can cut from your expenses, or use to reduce your debt, builds up in the long-term. Remind yourself of this as you lessen your financial obligations, and you may find that your situation appears less overwhelming.

Practice the Basics

No matter where your stress is originating from, practice the basics of self-care. This can allow you to find positive outlets, and give you strong foundations to help manage what you are dealing with. One thing many of us do when we feel ourselves lagging in the afternoon is to reach for our third or fourth cup of coffee. That behavior contributes to feeling poorly and tired each day. Instead, start cutting back and replacing your coffee with water to help your brain focus. Excessive sugar can also increase anxiety while making us feel exhausted. Gradually make changes to your diet, so that it becomes increasingly greener and healthy. To get a natural boost, exercise daily to elevate energy levels and even help you focus better at work. Round off the basics by being well-rested and going to bed at a consistent time.

Reach Out

Stress can be isolating. That in itself can accentuate the impact of your anxieties. Give yourself a solid support system. Don’t hold back on what you are experiencing, as bottling up emotions and worries is not healthy. It may not feel as if support is readily available, but it can be. Reach out to your loved ones. Tell them about work; let them be there to listen to your thoughts and feelings. They might even be able to offer meaningful feedback. If you are concerned about overloading them, then search for support groups. You may well find communities of like-minded people, either who are business owners or who belong to professional circles. Their own experiences may be relatable, and their perspectives could potentially give you insights into your stressors.

Ignoring stress won’t make it disappear. To truly be able to dedicate yourself fully to your goals, you need to learn to handle anxiety. Reaching out to those who can help, as well as taking care of your body and mind, can enable you to stay productive and feeling good.

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Guest Blogger: Julie Morris