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Why do businesses need to blog? - Bunker +58 | Branding and Design Studio

With all the different Digital Marketing tools that exist, it is normal for a company to focus its resources on more “popular” tools today, such as marketing through social networks or with those that have a proven effectiveness such as web ads. But blogs are an underestimated and useful tool with a cost of maintenance and management that is far outweighed by the benefits it provides.

Blogs in 2017: core generators of traffic and profit.

Each content that is published in a blog is an extra web page that talks about the company, it’s an exhibition window that generates traffic, and can be used one or multiple times as a link in social networks and other sites. These blog entries redirect part of its visits to the website of the company, generating a multitude of benefits, among which are:

  • Continuous visits and traffic: If the content is relevant and interesting; as it should be if the Blog is part of an efficient Digital Marketing strategy, this will not only generate a peak of traffic at the time of release or advertising, but also generate a steady and continuous traffic month by month that becomes more and more profitable. It is estimated that 70% of traffic from blogs older than 1 year is generated by posts with more than one month.
  • Fast and constant exposure: blog entries are; as we said briefly, easy and practical to share on social networks. Whether it is from the accounts managed by the company or by the users themselves, this becomes a fast and constant exposure for your blog, and ultimately your website and brand, making a minimum investment for huge exposure.
  • An endless source of authority and relevance: because there are a number of pages on any company’s official website that aren’t actively renewed all the time (for example, the “about us” page, which describes the ideals and general goals of the company), an official blog serves as a continuous content generator that strengthens the Off-page SEO of the official website. With continuous visits, popularity in social networks, and a strong and legal linkbuilding, the organic positioning in search engines of companies gets highly benefited.

Benefits of a Blog in the humanization of the company

An official blog, well managed, allows the company that owns it to have an own and differentiated voice that reaches the entire market. It creates a space to talk, receive feedback on the products or services offered, and set an image in front of the consumers. This improves sales because sharing all this important interaction with customers humanizes the company and connects it with the consumer, and ultimately, people will always prefer to do business with someone they know, and with whom they sympathize, than with a conglomerate always sterilized whose only apparent purpose is to earn money.

The role of blogs as fertile ground for the reshaping of new Digital Marketing strategies

When a company has an official blog, it allows the test of new Digital Marketing strategies in a controlled way, and monitors the level of engagement or effectiveness that they have with the public; all this in real time and effectively, without any cost or commitment. This is valuable because it allows the brand to polish the strategy and to approach the target market with a safe and effective plan, obtaining the best ratio between investment and profit.